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  1. You are so inspiring, motivating and unbelievable – I love this canal
    Next year I start to work effectively funtional movment, also because of you
    You, Ido Portal, Roye Goldschmidt, Yuri Mamerstein – you are heroes for me, thx for all!

  2. Awesome crawls man 😀 I fiiinally made it to the lizard crawl movement in movement 20xx. I am just having some trouble keeping my scapulas slightly retracted in the crawl position. I feel that I move much more stiffly than you do. Some things to work on!

  3. Can I ask you wich shoes are you using? I'd love to be able to d exercise barefoot (I think would be better for the mobility of the feet, toes…), but I don't really feel protected with no shoes on. Do you recommend any special shoes?

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