How I remodeled my physique from skinny to jacked (8kg, 17 lbs muscle acquire) and the way my coaching type and strategies have modified through the years (and why).


Construct an Athletic Physique from Zero to Hero

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  1. Very inspiring. Last October I got tired of paying $45 months for a gym membership and found calisthenics around the time I was quitting. As I started following the Tapp Brothers and their parkour workouts, I was blown away at how weak I was when it came to body weight exercises. I felt myself getting stronger. I recently found your videos and feel they have helped me also. Thank you for caring so much about other people and putting these videos out there to help us. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. The beard makes you look all grown up. Interesting you mentioning the mind-muscle connection as I feel a lot of the problems with symmetric/repetitive training is that it is easy to separate body parts and disconnect while i find there is so much more improvement from when i do compound exercises or am present while doing something more specific.

  3. Had the same experience as yours. I always tend to focus on the outside, numbers, prs, heavy weights. And what I got are just little strength, back pains aches and imbalances. Then I started to incorporate different approaches and I make sure that this time, always quality over quantity. I am now making not amazing feats of strength etc but slow steady improvements on my overall health and fitness. Thank you bro. Your channel helped me make this big decision in my life. You deserve more subscribers!

  4. Huge supporter and fan. Long been following you on Instagram and YouTube, so not a hater here…. But a pet peeve of mine is the regular use of 'obviously' in your narration. Far from obvious, we're here for tips and advice and not everyone knows the back story and history, so very far from 'obvious'! I know I'll get shot down for pointing this out, but I think you could genuinely enhance your guidance by rethinking a few word choices! Always awesome Eero. Very inspired and admiring of you and your work! Keep it up, champ! 👍🏼👌🏼😉

  5. All I know is I have learned so many exercises from your videos and they are really helping me. I know I can hardly do some of them coz I am not very strong in my arms but I will keep on. Thank you 🌻🍰💐🌞

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