On this tutorial, we are going to be taught 3 #boxing setups to land punches to the physique, safely and successfully. Many individuals have hassle touchdown physique pictures, as a result of they do not need to expose their face and/or closing off the gap will be problematic. Give these combos a attempt to arrange jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts to the torso.

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  1. Hi Shane thanks for your great work, your tips are very effective! Can you do a special videos on pivots, with tips and exercices and breaking down on how to pivot on the right side as well? Thanks buddy

  2. I need advice… I’ve been training kickboxing for 2 years now and I’d like to make a transition to MMA. However, I have zero experience with grappling and groundwork so I was thinking about attending BJJ classes for a year before switching to mixed martial arts. Is that a good idea? Or maybe it won’t be necessary because I’ll be taught everything in MMA? Please help me decide 💪

  3. Good techniques but its high risk, high reward… If your Opponent dances with you, you expose yourself pretty much with this strategys. I guess for me the biggest "Problem" is that your opponent has to move less to create a better angle for himself, so actually its making things easier for the opponent if he knows what to do

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