Ip Man four Donnie Yen’s Wing Chun What you consider it?
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Wing Chun martial arts grasp teaches How you can defend somebody pushing you. Actual Martial Arts Grasp teaches college students to destroy the Boxer, Muay Thai fighter and Wing Chun fighter utilizing fundamental headlock protection.

Grasp Wong right here.

Let me ask you some questions…

Would you like Self-confidence and are you prepared to enhance your well being and coordination?

Would not or not it’s superior if you happen to might eliminate concern and study to defend your self? What if you happen to might immediately obtain Wing Chun into your mind? These are questions I used to ask myself as properly.

Simply think about if you happen to had that Wing Chun Kung Fu talent, what would you do with it? Would that immediately change your life and well being for the higher? Sadly, Wing Chun Kung Fu is not as simple as inserting a twine into our brains to obtain the data just like the Matrix. You may must discover a good Grasp if you wish to study accurately. Even if you happen to discover a Grasp that might expedite your coaching, it’ll take years to hone the abilities that you simply envision.

Speak about «Wing Chun Kung Fu overload» . . .
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~ About Grasp Wong ~
Grasp Wong by no means had a straightforward life by way of childhood. Being bully from and a younger age until his late teenagers, Grasp Wong has overcome this drawback by altering his mindset which you will learn on this guide. http://bit.ly/2N8sE0a

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  1. And yes that over hand slap that you talking about I know that hurts a lot I've seen professional wrestlers do it since I was a little kid they do a chop to the chest or an overhand chop is what they call in wrestling which is basically a slap to the chest and you can hear that slap the chest goes red sometimes they get cut and it hurts a lot and you can see the pain in their face

  2. Master Wong I been watching you on hear since you started and you are devoted your teacher showed you and you learned with pride !you one of the last real ones out there I’m studying chi gong at moment and have learned a lot from watching you you are an inspiration to me wishing you your family blessings sen say

  3. M WONG I watch quite a few of these wing Chung video's put on yt buy many artisans and I notice in your videos it looks so much more powerful and I see technics that I don't see or maybe they don't video them which you cover , having said that I was quite impressed when I watched some of your Tai Chi / combat videos , you are very graceful in all your movements , my question , is your Wing Chun style different from other styles and if so how is it different ?

  4. Master Wong can you show us more of what you can show us of what you know of standing up grappling with your heads against each other ??? I’ve done some Thai boxing grappling standing up & looked like what you were doing standing up grappling “clinch” position standing up clinching ?!! Because I really liked the look of some of the things you were doing ??! & I’m interested in what styles you were using and where you learned those standing up clinch techniques?!!

    Because they looked tops…

    & also could you show some knife techniques ??! Particularly where the attacker uses what we call the “sewing machine “ where they just run in & close the distance & basically “rabbit” punch your body till you drop …

    This sewing machine technique is the primary form of attack used in australian Jails…

    Not a criminal
    But I’ve been up against them & I’ve made mistakes that landed me in jail ….on my first crime I served 7 years first time in jail…

    Please show a way of defending from “the sewing machine “
    Thanks master Wong


  5. Ps what you said about the crack in the mirror and then looking in the reflection of the piss on the floor of the bathroom …was TRUE POETRY….

    I love that saying & I googled the words & there’s no record of it on google …so I recommenced that you publish it yourself on your Facebook page because it’s valuable art in the world of literature ….

    I’m an author I wrote a book called “The Devils Harp” & also “The Birds At Sea” on Amazon & I reckon you could write a best seller Master Wong …it would be something I’d love to help you to do as well …

    But you wouldn’t need my help you don’t need anyone’s help …that’s me ….

    I hope
    You don’t discriminate…I’ve held a black belt in doce pARES ESKRIMA since 1998 & I’m an “addict” not a junkie…& my trainer discriminates against addicts as does my family I’ve been cast out …please don’t do the same master Wong

  6. I would like to meet anyone who could take a decent first punch of a chain punch to CV14 and still be able to throw a punch at me after that first punch that hit Cv14 let alone what follows..

  7. yeah i dont get the machine gun punching to the chest. like yeah it would hurt, i dont wana get punched in the chest, but if im trying really hard to hurt you, punches to the chest wont stop me. to the chin, stomach, nuts, trips and throws or joint locks stop people, but i cant see repeated chest hits will.

  8. on march 21.. 7 pm est.. Indianapolis.
    Master Wong.. cloning your Wing Chun has begun to show up now ! on youtube..
    1st is … 'Chewjitsu'. there is no Competition for Mastering Highest
    Level of Tao 'energy'..
    no Race issue. Hahahaha..
    thankyou for Being True to Tao.. ☯

  9. add 1 more comment.. the Ip Man movie is too slick.. where Wing Chun Real History begins.. on the Red lantern Sail boats.. then we see why Wing Chun is Excellent.
    Your videos are Actually Honestly Far Far Better than Any Ip Chun movies..

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