This weekly #MMA coaching routine is damaged down by martial arts model and muscle group. Beginning off with a give attention to #MuayThai and stability, whereas constructing the muscle tissues in our again & core, we are going to proceed to steer you thru per week of solo MMA coaching. Every day can have a selected combat focus, whereas working a bunch of muscle tissues to go with these combat actions, to bout out a whole week of exercises.


Solo MMA Coaching Schedule:
Day 1: Muay Thai & Stability, Again & Core
Day 2: Grappling & Leg Energy/Endurance
Day 3: Boxing & Higher Physique Energy/Endurance
Day 4: Taekwondo, Hip Mobility, & Kick Flexibility
Day 5: Boxing, Footwork, & Core
Day 6: MMA, Full Physique Conditioning, & Restoration
Day 7: Relaxation


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    So there is a guy who thinks he is super hard and he is always beating me up and stuff I'm pretty strong and I think I could beat him up with a group of friends but he knows where I live and I think he will smash my windows I am also scared he will get a bigger gang please anybody with advise respond please

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