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Particular Because of Century Martial Arts:

Grasp Ken helps you keep secure in a time when «Social Distancing» requires that we modify our self protection coaching. Coping with ranges from Far Far to Close to Far to Close to Close to and every little thing in between, Grasp Ken will educate you methods to lockdown your opponent from a wholesome distance. Masks really useful. Bathroom paper not required.

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  1. I never imagined being lactose intolerant would be so useful during a pandemic and social distancing. But now all I have to do is gulp down some milk, wait about five minutes and BOOM, wave after wave of gas bombs every minute or two that will peel the paint off a tractor.

  2. Now see this technique at 5:25 is great and all for singular protection from the front, but you'll also need protection from the back. In which case I recommend getting a second sword and squeezing it betwixt your buttcheeks. That way if someone is not obeying the social distancing guidelines from the back, just back thrust and boom sword to the groin.

    And to make things easier, just spin around while having both swords to use the legendary social distancing protection technique I like to call: "The Hurtornado".

  3. Anyone who’s ever been punched in the ear knows…You don’t wanna get punched in the ear. Classic and rock solid logic. It’s basically on par with Aristotle. Master Ken is truth!

  4. Master Ken, I'm a cna, how can I help patients and not get affected with the c-word? I know the basics and have some equipment already. What are some tips you can give me to make me a stronger cna?

  5. I walk everywhere with my dog 'binks' on a measured lead "if he can stick his head in your crotch your too close' the priests wife was entertained but safe when I bumped into her the other day whilst out walking

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