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For Earth Day 2020 Grasp Ken teaches us methods to defend ourselves utilizing the 4 parts: Earth, Wind, Hearth and Water. As regular his Ameri-Do-Te can flip something right into a weapon!

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40 Comentarios

  1. Hahaha! you rock Master!!
    Please, make some techniques of social distanced. Like if someone is insulting you during the chatting on the screen, or making you angry, or something like will be nice.
    Please take care there.

  2. when can be start with the advance stuff?, i train with a train removing the skin of the oponents only with my blink, and i know is for weak people can u remove my weakness like a remove skin ? or like i remove my ramen plastic for my ramen? what can i do if iam weak? can i kill an oponets only with love and hugs ? why boxing is so lame ? thanks you, if u need a bunker in the apocalipsis come to south america and cantactm me .

  3. Master Ken do you have a writer or do you do all your own stunt work/ jokes. Not only are you a Master but your a Funny Bastard. If groins are flammable should we light opponents groin prior to Restomp???????

  4. So to review: 1) Show him your wood. 2) Deepthroat him with a water bottle. 3) Make him swallow instead of spitting. I really feel there are double meanings intended here but I can't quite put my digit on it…

  5. Have you ever wondered why a "Red" commemoration day would be on April 22 and not any other date? Well, 150 years ago yesterday, Vladimir Lenin, that murderous "Communist", who, along with several other "Jews" from the Lower East Side of New York City, succeeded in perpetrating the eventual slaughter of somewhere between 60 and 100 million [Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn put the number at 66 million] White Christian Russians during the first half of the 20th century.

    Well, ain't that nice? Now you know something you didn't know before. Knowing is half the battle!

  6. Master Ken would you do me the favor of showing how your exceptional skill in martial arts can defeat the hallucinations of a schizophrenic? I am a schizophrenic and find much joy in your videos and I do believe I found a opponent your style cannot beat lol! Your awesome dude!

  7. Master Ken, DID you know that youtube actively asking people to dislike your videos based on this video. When I went to remove one of your videos because I had already seen in my suggested page. One of the options was to dislike this video as a third option? WTF is that? How can Youcensor do this…

  8. Everyone needs a hobby! Hobbies help to relieve stress and keep you out of trouble. I believe everyone should have at least one.

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