Trying to enhance your kicks? Need greater, quicker, stronger kicks? Attempt these Taekwondo drills to make enormous enhancements to your stability, hip mobility, and suppleness. Attempt all 6 MMA courses under on, free!

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  1. Shane can you please help me brother I don't have a jiu jitsu gym in my local area and I can't find any precise instructions anywhere just general pointers, when I'm doing the bjj eggbeater drill or leg circles w/e it's called, should my hips do really small circles or should my hips move a significant amount to where they reach a 45 degree ish angle outwards for each circle? ty

  2. Shane, That’s a Excellent videos on Lesson #4 for Taekwondo Hip Mobility, Flexibility and Balance Home workout technique. I love ❤️ it!!! 😀👍

    Since, I’m a Kick-boxer, I have develop and improve a lot on my punches and kicks in a past 5-years. By watching the FightTIPS Video YouTube Channel and Shane is a Best Teacher in the world in Martial Art!!! I respect that for FightTIPS underdog!!! 👊🙏👍

    The Only thing, I need to work on is my balance and Flexibility by Kicking Higher, if I could develop and improved a lot on my Taekwondo Balance and Flexibility Drill, I could be able to add to my weapon Arsenal Taekwondo kicks the Spinning Heel Kicks, Axe Kick, Lead Hook Kicks, Crescent Kick by Kicking High to my Opponents Head with Speed and Power in a Combat Sport. 😁🙏

    It will take a lot of practice, improvement, Hard-work and dedication to develop a Higher Kick in Taekwondo technique. It will take time and it will get there either way!!! 😊🙏

    P.S… Looking forward to your Next session Lesson #5 Video, Boxing footwork and Agility home workout. Can’t wait 😊 as usual!!! 😉🙏

    Thank you 🙏 Shane!!! 👍

  3. thank you I appreciate the video I will be sure to recommend to all my friends you bring so much values protection of your own life? I mean that is the most value you can get thanks again

  4. Could you make a video for a training program that I can use to improve my grappling/BJJ ability significantly? I live in an area with absolutely no gyms and I do not have anyone I can train with. If you could help me with this issue I’d really appreciate it. Thanks 🙏🏼

  5. Hey Shane, I’ve been doing this program and I’m loving it. However, it seems like my chest is overpowering my back muscles, and thus pulling my shoulders forward, even though I’m stretching my pecs. Are there any exercises that you can recommend to strengthen the back muscles as well?

  6. As a Taekwondo 3rd Dan, I confirm that this sick workout is pretty much the fastest way to better kicks, whatever your level at kicking is…

    Thanks for the great and complete video ! Don’t forget to let your body rest at least a day after, so you avoid injuries : if you’re not used to doing these exercises your body’s going to take a real shock and will need to “repair” enough first…

  7. I just finished this workout now. I’m a Taekwondo black belt who went into competitive powerlifting for a bit to increase strength potential. I got a 435lbs deadlift, 250 bench and 385 squat @145lbs bodyweight. And this workout was probably harder than anything I’ve done 😂 Awesome job, Shane! I’m gonna keep doing this routine on my off days

  8. I love that your timer is 3 digits, super appropriate for Martial Arts! 🥋 Have been following your channel for a while. 🙏Thanks for the Martial Arts content. I had my first amateur Muay Thai fight last year, the video is in my channel, 🤞hope people see this and check it out, please comment on improvements

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