Chris Moriarty is a health care provider, a competitor, and a BJJ black belt.  His 6 step process for reopening BJJ academies through the COVID-19 pandemic is obtainable at This dialog was additionally launched as episode 268 of my present – The Strenuous Life Podcast – which is obtainable on the following hyperlinks…

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Good luck getting by these robust instances!


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  1. One thing I fail to understand: Most carriers are asymptotic. They have no symptoms. Beside giving false security, what does the temperature screening achieve? Thanks for the interesting interview Stephan!

  2. Phase 1, is the phase I dread and share with my team mates and friends. Even though they make it clear to me that they are not afraid to train with me when the time comes, and they were not before the shutdown. Working in a hospital, I am currently and will be for the foreseeable future around COIVD+ patients, which I think will limit what I will be able to do. I worry that it will be very hard for our as well as many others to satisfy these guidelines, not just for BJJ class, but for Muay Thai as well, even a regular fitness facility. I am used to the protocols, so perhaps I can assist with such when needed. I do not think we are even close to that yet sadly. Solo drills of Zoom is working well right now, and keeping people together. A Kettle bell at home and pull up bar, I have actually got stronger in some areas, so this is positive thing. Thanks for always replying and interacting with me on social media. I do not doubt anything said in this podcast , but that truth makes me frustrated.

  3. We have 2 Drs at our gym…They think it's a crock of shit and for the last 3 months we have gone "Fight Club" style…Guess what, nobody sick…Got a another owner of a gym in a "hot spot" that's did the same thing…again you guessed it, NO ONE SICK. This was a political ploy to see how far the government can scare you out of your freedoms and trash the economy to hurt Trump…Liberals are trying to do mail in votes so they can scam it and also trying to shut up Dementia Joe at any public gathering…He is well past F'd up along with being a dam pedophile.

  4. @Stephan Kesting – I can't thank you enough for the monumental amount of work/effort you put into this. I went through your post late last night and found it extremely helpful in determining guidelines/parameters in re-opening. We're in one of the more egregious hotspots in our state with some of our members working in the medical field. This is an incredibly beneficial resource to school owners like myself. Thank you!

  5. The definition of a Pandemic- occurring over a wide geographic area and affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population.
    Taking a look based on the numbers so far reported.
    Confirmed case-3,529,408
    Death- 248,097
    The death rate of 7%
    The recovery rate of 33%
    The world population of 7.6 billion
    The spread effects .046% of the population.
    Not stating the virus does not exist or any harmful pathogens. Taking a look at history in 1918 the avian-borne flu killed 50 million. Based on the history of past pandemics we should be focused on hygiene and food resources.

  6. Covid 19 was horseshit and I will never forget your shaming of anyone still training. People like you think you are so damned smart but you are the most eager minions for martial law. Enjoy communism. All around the world now regular folk are PROTESTING the lockdowns and starting to realize that covid 19 was a scary movie in most places. Line up for your mandatory vaccine coming soon. Maybe it will be made in the same Wuhan Lab Covid came from?

  7. The mainstream media cannot be trusted for accurate information about anything! However it's hard to believe that the arial video of mass graves being filled outside NYC is a part of the program. Stay healthy and love your grappling dollies my friends.

  8. I really hate to say it, but after listening to this very valuable info, I have decided that training Jiu-Jitsu has gone from being a fun luxury activity; to being a complex laborious chore of gambling with my health and or the health of others 😔.

  9. I can tell you, as someone that runs a lab dealing with covid research and testing, there is no way there will ever be tests available weekly for people that want to roll around with people at jiujitsu. That’s pie in the sky silliness from a doctor that has no idea what actually happens in labs. There isn’t and won’t be enough techs, equipment and supplies to make it happen. Just absolutely ridiculous suggestion from a person that doesn’t have a clue about anything outside his clinic. Techs and lab hours are better spent on real things, not people that want to be totally safe at jiujitsu. You can’t afford it and the people at the clinics and labs aren’t going to waste their time and capacity testing everyone a couple of times a week. Just lol at the logistics of something like that. MDs and real life just don’t mix.

  10. Screening members temps still wont help if someone is infected and sweating, coughing, and breathing on everyone. They can be carriers for 2-3 weeks, and never even show symptoms. But they can infect someone who takes it home to grandma and grandpa. I don't see school's opening anytime soon. The best thing you can do is build up your own immunity.

  11. I can tell you from treating patients throughout this thing, I am very surprised on the stark difference between individuals adhering to policy for the greater good and those absolving recommendations taking the stance of freedom “warriors.” For your own safety, I implore you to leave your personal media bubble (I am moderate conservative) to educate yourself with science based data. I can understand why many Americans are confused and think this is a hoax. 55% of the cases are in 5 states and congregating in their high density cities. Many have not touched this disease or had anyone they personally know effected by it. The media bubbles are forming “camps” of citizens that are ill-informed, for the political goal of winning the Oval Office and the obvious Supreme Court position that RGB will vacate in less than 5 years. Their goal is to incite you to get out and vote. Don’t let them split us. Protest the government slow reaction, overreaching solutions, lack of testing, printing of money, our rights….but please adhere to the basic policies in place for the greater good. If we don’t, we might extend this virus past influenza season and all be effected financially for months to come. We stand at a precipice as a country right now. Let’s stand together. We the people.

  12. Thanks for sharing this Stephan, I hope you are safe and well. Yeah, these are uncertain and challenging times for the BJJ/martial arts community for sure. I hope we can get back to the mats sooner than later. Stay safe bro !!!!

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