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  1. Some tips :
    I have to fight a boy which is shorter than me (I'm 1.74 cm) he is 1.70
    I have 68 kg ( he has 62)
    I've beat him once and now wants a revenge
    When is fighting he always jumps with crosses at the heads, never hits the body, he has no technique only fury
    P.S Is going to be a street fight

  2. Guys,in a situation,where 10+ people come to your table in the club,for no reason at all,start chatting shit,what should you do? Bare in mind that we are outnumbered every time,should we start a fight or try to ignore it?

  3. If your just a regular dude and have no fighting skills, and find yourself in a situation with someone who is harassing you, your wife or daughter and they won’t stop. What kind of punch and where would you hit someone to disable the threat.

  4. Hey shane do you know any tips i am an amateur boxer and i am 5.5ft and 58-59 kg and I stopped training since quarantine. Do you know any good exercises i could do cause my coach also said i have to be 52 kg before i start fighting. Thanks forwards if you ever reply or whoever does

  5. Hey guys. I sustained an injury to my left arm and I’m an orthodox fighter. I can’t extend it straight. I can go about 30 degrees past 90 and I have a lot of hardware In my elbow. I can’t strike with it AT ALL. Knowing this, what should I focus on if I want to know how to fight. My friend recommended that atleast using it as a post to gain momentum setting up for a cross as well as use it as a left guard at all time. (I’m able to touch my face with it). What other info should I know.

  6. Well I am in kind of a deep problem here and would like some advice.I trained muay thai and boxing for a couple years and since the start I was the walking stick of the gym,so I was a muay fimeu because of my body type.About like 3 years ago I started packing muscle and went from 53kg to 95kg so I just changed my fighting style and became a muay matt.Thing is that I wanted to lose some fat on me,I have muscle on me but it's like a coat of fat always covering it especially on my belly and people always say that I am fat until they put their hands on me.So I just gave up and I became like some squishy tank.Thing is that I have a heavy punch due to my core,I have wide hips,and because of the fat on it.When I train core I feel like my belly is hard but I can't get rid of that god damn fat and it kills me,I tried eating more smaller meals,giving up junk food,but the fat is still there.Some tips I think I am losing my mind.

  7. Heyy shane, i have a question. I am looking to buy a double end bag but i would like your advice on which one i should buy. There is the traditional double end bag or the double-double end bag. Which one do you think is baetter for training ?

  8. What if you don’t have any training and want to get into martial arts but have no idea what you’re doing and the videos might be a bit too advanced?

    Asking for a friend….

  9. Hi Shane,

    I wanna ask about fight preparation, how do you develop a curriculum for a fighter (let's say in MMA)? How long will it be? Which field will be the foundation? It's about how it'll be if you are an MMA trainer preparing your fighter. Thanks 😁

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