Somebody is mounted on you, punching you within the face…of you don’t have a plan you’ll nearly definitely reply emotionally and make the scenario worse!

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  1. yea yea, blah blah, thats a nice theory, but in reality you need to know who you are dealing with, like i did everything completely right, but still somehow got my face smashed in by this blonde cutie who apparently was a national muay thai champion.

  2. I had to control an enraged teen (psychiatry) at my job last week. He bit my arm, luckily not through my vest. But I did get his back and a body lock. Never learnt that except from watching jiujitsu and playwrestling with my kid (now 13).

    I'd say you can learn things by watching. I'll have to learn something to prevent biting though!

  3. what should you do if someones got a mounted choke / lepel grip on you

    i can close the distance the guy i was rolling with was bigger than me and had longer arm

    if i rolled him so im in his guard he could still choke me with the lapel

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