After coaching in numerous kinds of martial arts for over 20 years, I got here to appreciate that I needed to change the best way I threw punches. By way of what I discovered in boxing, Muay Thai, and yoga, I used to be capable of maximize the effectivity of my punch mechanics. On this video I talk about:

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1. The advantage of retaining an open hand (4:10)
2. Why a «bent» wrist improves accuracy (6:47)
3. correctly spiral the arm when punching (9:27)

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  1. Hey Shane, I’m a massive fan and I’ve been following you on socials for a few years now, I’d love to sign up for your courses! Is there any way they can be paid for through PayPal? I live in Belgium and don’t have a credit card.. if not I understand, thanks anyway!

  2. Nothing about this is all that controversial, you are just paying too much attention to keyboard warriors.

    You don't make your money as a top level boxer who relies on his power and success in the ring for money. While its debatable if what you are doing would make your punches slower or less powerful, even if that was true it still wound't really matter. For you and for most people, continuing to box into the future as you get older and slower and weaker is going to be much more important that whatever power or speed or structure you might be losing.

  3. I've actually been punching like this for a while! turned over hook knuckle to the body, the face; i see it as a sharp knife cutting or stabbing into the opponent. Thanks for sharing shane!

  4. Hello Shane! I'm not sure you will see this but I think you might enjoy the read. My name is Caden and I have been a student in a branch of Jeet Kune Do for 10 years. I agree with the ideals you talk about in the beginning of this video and some of the techniques you have. Like you said, stylistic differences which can be discussed another time. One thing I noticed was your idea from Bruce Lee of staying loose until the moment of impact. However, I wanted to tell you about how we do it. You have been keeping your hands open in your base, but they don't look "relaxed". One thing I think about is simply keeping them relaxed to the point that they are almost limp, using only as much energy and muscle as it takes to keep them up. You were saying keeping them not in a fist will save energy, help with defense and offence, and accuracy, but keeping your fingers straight is dulling those benefits, although better than a fist. If you want to talk about it more with me, it would be fun to do. This is the first video I've seen of your and I subscribed. I enjoyed it 🙂

  5. I subbed to this guy several years back. Dude has one of the most impressing improvements in different various aspects , from his channel to technique and character, I have ever seen…

  6. With respect I disagree and won't be taking the advice regarding pronation. My experience with throwing straight punches that pronate at the wrist is that I hyper-extend at the elbow and injure that joint if the punch is evaded or doesn't sink into the target firm enough to provide the resistance I am anticipating.

  7. I'm pretty sure most if not all the internet warriors haven't ever trained a day in their life. A big part of marital arts and especially bjj is humility. And if u dont know it train bjj for 3 months wait until you get the hang of it a little bit build confidence then roll with a purple belt for subs.

  8. Holy shit that's cool I just figured out the fist thing literally yesterday myself. I was working the bag and started slightly opening my hand a little upon impact and suddenly I was landing way harder with less pressure on my wrist. Pretty cool. I like to use techniques in slow motion a lot while practicing to really feel out all those kinda things like where it feels the most natural to my body instead of worrying what works for someone else.

  9. One of the all-time great boxing trainers, Emanuel Steward, specialized in training power-punchers. He spoke of the loose hand approach, and described it as "going from cloth to steel". He said starting with the loose hand gave your punch more velocity and then squeezing into a fist created greater force at the end.

  10. This is a great technical punching but i can't give a full power shot from this position hope you respond + i was playing karate so i am responsible to this but there is no power in this hope you respond
    And tell me how to put more power innit

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