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In immediately’s video Grasp Ken returns to offer you 5 Explanation why practising Tai Chi within the park is Bull$#1+!

No martial artwork is protected from the wrath of Grasp Ken’s knowledge! To date he has taken down Karate, Krav Maga, Aikido, Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo and extra! Which fashion needs to be subsequent? Hapkido? Systema? Kickboxing? Depart a remark and inform him what combating fashion to takedown subsequent.

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  1. Come on bro. How good is your shit.
    Im trying to understand who taught you.
    Maybe you did wrestling in high school
    But you dont know a lick of ju jitsu.
    Maybe you learnt some decent boxing.
    Or something similar to kenpo…
    I think you grew up a only son and all sisters, teaching you the stealth ninja,
    Scratch, gouge, poke , and the occasional hair brush to the teeth..

  2. @masterken. Wow! Funny sure as always… I wish you had my teacher or any of his students there to demonstrate with like in some of your videos , but real taiji practitioners are few no matter what family style they practice and there are 5 main branches…!however I practice a very different taiji. Notice I didn’t say Tai chi. Taijiquan … the grand ultimate fist…(not boxing) is a very street savy martial art that can save your life. I practice yang lu Chan style taijiquan . It’s not meant for competition. And competition isn’t meant to save your life. Things you learn in boxing or mma sure can be useful but are not nearly as violent as taijiquan was meant to be. Practicing when there’s rules about hitting the back of the head or eye gouging are not allowed will never make those things second nature. There are no pushes in taiji, even though some postures are named that. There are no blocks in taiji even though some postures are named block. We attack our attacker putting off their timing, we use pressure points to cause the body internal damage, we learn which meridians are responsible for blood flow in the body and attack those causing either a knock out or death. Taiji is also know as dim mak. I could go on and on and I’m sure I’ll get some responses from what I’ve already said … but I’d like to hear what master ken says about another internal martial art that I study as well. How about bagua? Or baguazhang, it’s proper name. Bagua was invented after taijiquan but is known as the daughter art. Also known as the art of overkill. Thanks for the laughs master ken. As always you’re very funny. And entertaining. You should look into the history of yang lu Chan.

  3. Compound with this relax and chill how I talk how I walk cow I am a plow man I jam the country for function funky I got turn key establishment ram it meant to slam it gentleman bent off the herb I gave them henchman with proper grin I never stop I win I sin and fin to be the big stuff I real rough and tough plus huff and puff when I dust off it I lack properness I often kiss ass

  4. Just for your interest,
    'Supreme Ultimate' refers to the universal interplay of Yin and Yang polarities… the principles of which Tai Chi seeks to embody.
    {The Ying Yang symbol is actually called the Tai Chi (or Taiji) tu.}

    … and 'boxing' really translates more as 'martial art', or 'unarmed combat'.
    While Tai Chi does have striking, it's primarily based in grappling. A lot of the movements make more sense when you realise they're arm-bars and arm drags, etc.

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