Do you wanna spar? Let’s do three rounds of digital sparring, beneath #boxing guidelines! Set your TV/laptop/cellphone up at eye-level, and shadowbox in reference to how I transfer — decide your pictures, defend, and counter! I would like to see some footage of you digital sparring with me; tag me on instagram @shanefazen!

In case you’re searching for extra rounds with completely different kinds (southpaw, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, and many others.) join!👇

Extra Digital Sparring Rounds►


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  1. shane watch those uppercuts and straight rights when slipping the jab, you were kinda stuck in there, also the left hooks. you caught me with some nice jabs when you doubled up on them tho 🙂 few sessions like this and we can do kickboxing 🙂 thank you

  2. Hi Shane,

    That’s absolutely Genius Video in Virtual Sparring Boxing. It helps me to work on my defense, Head movement, Reflex, blocking, footwork and Created a Angle and staying balance. I love ❤️ counter punching game against my opponent and I love ❤️ to rip to the head and to the body and deliver a straight K.O (Knockout) for the Win 😉😉🏆🏆… Best Drill boxing workout ever!!! 🙏👍👍

    Shane, Please make a Virtual Sparring Kickboxing Video. I wanted to see how well I could defend against a Front teep, Round House Kick and Knee Strike. I love ❤️ as a Challenge. I’m always a Huge Fan ❤️ in Kickboxing in a beautiful Combat Sport!!! 👊🙏👍👍

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